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Central Missions International, a ministry of the Central Church of Christ in Sarasota, was launched several years ago to consolidate our efforts in spreading the gospel around the world. Our focus has been on Haiti, and wherever Haitian people live, and Kenya. In Kenya, our primary ministry is Joshua Village which includes a church, orphanage, and school. The work with Joshua Village has spawned other mission activities including the planting of two additional churches. The ministry requires approximately $60,000 per year to cover basic expenses. This includes helping four evangelists become self-supporting and the two church plants having all they need to continue their work successfully.


To accomplish this mission we need your help. We need to do two things. First, we need to raise $10,000 during this current campaign which runs from February 2-9, 2022. Second, we need at least 17 new monthly donors contributing $50 per month, making our total for this campaign $30,000, half of our budget for 2022.


Here is what I promise will happen with your donations. People will be brought to Christ. In the Haiti work alone, over 250 churches have been planted in the past 40 years. We promise that preachers will be trained and helped to become self-supported. We promise that at least 50 orphans will be cared for with an education, housing, food, clothing, and spiritual training. We promise that at least 200 children will be educated and taught about Jesus. We promise that every dime you give will go directly to the needs of the ministry. There are no overhead expenses or salaries for stateside workers.


I am thanking you in advance for your gifts and your prayers for this ministry. Though semi-retired, this is one ministry I will continue to oversee and manage for the glory and praise of God.  Rod Myers

Image by Samuel McGarrigle